This is how horses we ride on for joy have to suffer

Chennai: On a scorching Saturday afternoon around 3 pm, PFCI team members witnessed a horse on the Besant Nagar beach being made to give joy rides to the visiting public on the seashore. The horse was beaten, pulled and kicked by the horse handlers. The horse was obviously dehydrated and tired because of exertion. The burning Sun only added to the poor horse’s agony. The horse looked weak, famished and dehydrated. The horses were handled by boys less than 18 years old and it was quite evident that the handlers were inexperienced.

Horse with infected hind legs

Horse with infected hind legs

The horse’s hind legs were swollen and needed immediate medical attention. PFCI members rushed to the police station and lodged a complaint against the horse owners and handlers. The complaint was based on various violations like,

1. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,
2. Performing Animals Acts, Rules and Registrations,
3. Indian Penal Code sections 428 and 429

The police registered the complaint and sent a squad to bring the horse that was abused to the police station. We organized an ambulance to send the horse to the Blue Cross of India shelter at Guindy.

The horse was in very bad health condition. It’s such a pity that the inexperienced horse owners and handlers abuse the horses. A single horse costs somewhere between Rs 50,000 and 70,000. The horses are to be fed quality food and feed per day per horse cost nothing less that Rs 100. Periodical medical help and monthly vaccination is a must which the horse owners seldom monitor.

The Horses on the beach are seldom taken good care. PFCI has rescued Horses from Cruel treatment in the past on 4 occasions,

1. 4th March, 2014 a Pony was rescued and case filed at Nungambakkam Police station
2. 28th November, 2014 a Horse was rescued and case filed at Bezant Nagar Police station
3. 11th December, 2014 a Horse was rescued and case filed at Egmore Police station.

4. 14th Feburary, 2014 2 Horses were rescued and case filed at Marina Police station.


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