Four Baby monkies rescued from Marina Beach

On June 16th late evening by 8 PM, People For Cattle in India (PFCI) rescued 4 Baby Monkeys near the Marina beach from a group of People. A complaint about the same was given by Mr Ashwath, a Member of PFCI. A CSR was registered @ the D5 Marina Police Station.

The Monkeys were Harassed, Cruelly treated & Abused by being tied with a metal rope & were made to beg by these People. All the Monkeys looked Famished, Starved Dehydrated & Weak. The people who had this Monkeys as usal fled the place when Police arrived.

Baby monkeys rescued

Baby monkeys rescued

These activities of the People who keep Monkeys as performing Animals for the purpose of begging are violating various Laws like,
1. Wildlife Protection Act,
2. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,
3. Performing Animals Acts, Rules & Registrations.Indian Penal Code 428 & 429  Etc

At the Police station, the Monkeys were offered Banana, Gauva & Water by PFCI members. The starved Monkeys readily accepted the food. All the Monkeys were tamed & are very friendly with humans. The Rescued Monkeys are given to the Wildlife dept, the Monkeys will treated by the Wildlife & once they are physically fit, they will be Sterilized &will be rehabilitated. This process is not often easy & involves various unforeseen issues. But again this is the only solution available out of not many options.

The sad issue here is the fact that the Monkeys are held in such pathetic conditions in locations like Marina, which are just miles away from the Wildlife department. Wildlife dept needs to get moving & stop this menace. Poor Monkeys are going through immense stress. This issue has be curtailed once for all as this activity of abusing Monkeys doesn’t seem to come down & the frequency at which so many Monkeys are being caught is alarming. Wildlife Dept must act & take steps to save such Monkeys for good & cannot turn a blind eye as always.

Baby Monkeys are often abducted from their Mother when they are very young by these people who use Monkeys for either for performing Tricks as Shows or for Begging. The process of catching the Baby Monkey from the Mother is a very cruel act which often ends in severe injuries to the Mother. The poor helpless Mothers often Die as they are either beaten or poisoned in an attempt to abduct their young ones by the people who later

sell the Baby Monkey for 100s of Rupees to the ones who make them perform or beg on the roadside.

PFCI has Rescued 24 Monkeys in the past 9 months:

1). 1 Baby Monkey on May 6th at MKB Nagar,
2). 4 Monkeys on Aug 3rd at Marina,
3). 2 Monkeys on Aug 29th at Marina,
4). 2 Monkeys on Oct 2nd at Marina,
5). 2 Monkeys on Oct 15th at Marina,
6). 1 Monkey on Oct 23rd at Redhills,
7). 2 Monkeys on Feb 04th at Marina,
8). 1 Monkey on Feb 07th at Marina,
9). 2 Monkeys on March 21st at Marina,

10). 1 Monkey on April 11th at Tnagar,

11). 1 Monkey on May 29th at Marina &

12). 4 Monkeys on June 16th at Marina.
FB link to Monkeys rescued:

Regards & Thanks,

Arun Prasanna M.I.B, Founder & Secretary,

People For Cattle in India (PFCI), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.,

98840 71136






All Donations made to PFCI are Exempted from Tax under 80G

PFCI is a Certified ISO 9001:2008 Trust


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