Kind donors required for the treatment of this little one

On June 21 at about 7:45 AM,Team PFCI received a rescue call to their helpline from Mr.Yogesh and Mr.Prabhu that a GSD was abandoned and he was too dehydrated and weak.Team PFCI rushed to the spot and found that the boy was too weak and couldn’t even stand on its own.


The team rescued the GSD and took him for medical examination to Heart 2 Heart Veterinary Hospital,Chennai.After the examination,he was found anemic  and too dehydrated.His heart was pumping low and over all this,he has been diagnosed with Canine Distemper.

The GSD was named Ashok.Ashok has been shifted to the Intensive Unit .The vet said Ashok needs some blood transfusion and when we are on that,a kind and a savior  Raspo  came forward and he met with all the requirements of Ashok.

Now Ashok has been transfused with one unit of blood and he is still battling for his life.

Please come forward to kindly donate for his treatment.


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