People for Cattle in India (PFCI) is a Chennai-based Non-Governmental Organisation formed by animal lovers who are determined to promote animal welfare and prevent any form of animal cruelty.

We aim to create awareness and a social climate where animals can live peacefully sans exploitation and cruelty inflicted upon them by humans.  

Our achievements and work so far:

Rescued over 1,200 cattle consisting of cows, calves, bulls and buffalo from illegal trafficking from Tamil Nadu and heading towards Kerala for Illegal Slaughter.

Successfully filed a case at National Green Tribunal (NGT) seeking a “Ban on Slaughter of Animals in Unlicensed & Unregistered Places” & the BAN Order was issued on 28th November 2014. The Chennai (TN, India) Corporation had to shut down close to 150 illegal slaughter houses due to this Order.

A successful online petition initiated by PFCI has enabled one of the ‘biggest and richest Indian company’ in India to stop venturing into non-vegetarian business & close his existing chain of frozen meat business in India.

Successfully filed a case at State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) to end the failure of government machinery to eradicate illegal trafficking of cattle and the Government Order is expected anytime soon.

Successfully filed two cases against the cattle trafficking at the Supreme Court of India.

Filed and fighting 30 cases in Madras High Court, Tamil Nadu, India against the perpetrators who violate the existing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA ACT) and are involved neck-deep in cattle trafficking.

Filed and fighting 2 cases in Madras High Court about the illegal transportation & slaughter of camels during religious festival.

One case filed against illegal dog killing by panchayats  and municipalities, which is under the judicial context of State Human Rights Commission (SHRC).

Rescued and treated several dogs, cats and stray animals from the streets, fostered and later given for adoption,

Rescued 10 monkeys from Narikoravas (tribal community)

Hosted several awareness programmes in schools and educating youth on the cause of animal cruelty and abuse, it’s prevention, adopting pets and supporting and volunteering at animal shelters.


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