A puppy covered in tar rescued and treated by our team PFCI

Please pray for Thor, the baby boy covered in tar.

It was the midnight of June 22, we got a call from Asuntha that she had rescued a male dog who was fully covered with tar. We promised her that we would take the pup and assured the treatment ASAP.

Thor covered in tar

Thor covered in tar

Thor covered in tar

Thor covered in tar

The next morning, our team member Dinesh met Asuntha, picked the pup and rushed to our vet hospital. We fondly named the pup Thor (after the lightning god, Marvel comic character) and immediately admitted him.

The vets, handlers and Dinesh started cleaning up Thor. It was a Herculean task as the tar had hardened on Thor’s body. Thor is now under intensive care treatment and we are hoping that he would recover fast.

This is how Thor looked after the efforts, love and affection showered upon him by our team and vets.

This is our cute Thor after treatment

This is our cute Thor after treatment

Our Team PFCI thanks Asuntha for taking Thor home and for putting in great efforts to save him. She applied vegetable oil, gave him a nice massage, fed him and showered him lots of love.

Let’s pray for Thor’s speedy recovery and healthy life.

For further details you can contact:

Arun Prasanna M.I.B, Founder& Secretary,
People For Cattle in India (PFCI), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.,
98840 71136. 
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Below is the video of the tar covered boy Thor.

Four Baby monkies rescued from Marina Beach

On June 16th late evening by 8 PM, People For Cattle in India (PFCI) rescued 4 Baby Monkeys near the Marina beach from a group of People. A complaint about the same was given by Mr Ashwath, a Member of PFCI. A CSR was registered @ the D5 Marina Police Station.

The Monkeys were Harassed, Cruelly treated & Abused by being tied with a metal rope & were made to beg by these People. All the Monkeys looked Famished, Starved Dehydrated & Weak. The people who had this Monkeys as usal fled the place when Police arrived.

Baby monkeys rescued

Baby monkeys rescued

These activities of the People who keep Monkeys as performing Animals for the purpose of begging are violating various Laws like,
1. Wildlife Protection Act,
2. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,
3. Performing Animals Acts, Rules & Registrations.Indian Penal Code 428 & 429  Etc

At the Police station, the Monkeys were offered Banana, Gauva & Water by PFCI members. The starved Monkeys readily accepted the food. All the Monkeys were tamed & are very friendly with humans. The Rescued Monkeys are given to the Wildlife dept, the Monkeys will treated by the Wildlife & once they are physically fit, they will be Sterilized &will be rehabilitated. This process is not often easy & involves various unforeseen issues. But again this is the only solution available out of not many options.

The sad issue here is the fact that the Monkeys are held in such pathetic conditions in locations like Marina, which are just miles away from the Wildlife department. Wildlife dept needs to get moving & stop this menace. Poor Monkeys are going through immense stress. This issue has be curtailed once for all as this activity of abusing Monkeys doesn’t seem to come down & the frequency at which so many Monkeys are being caught is alarming. Wildlife Dept must act & take steps to save such Monkeys for good & cannot turn a blind eye as always.

Baby Monkeys are often abducted from their Mother when they are very young by these people who use Monkeys for either for performing Tricks as Shows or for Begging. The process of catching the Baby Monkey from the Mother is a very cruel act which often ends in severe injuries to the Mother. The poor helpless Mothers often Die as they are either beaten or poisoned in an attempt to abduct their young ones by the people who later

sell the Baby Monkey for 100s of Rupees to the ones who make them perform or beg on the roadside.

PFCI has Rescued 24 Monkeys in the past 9 months:

1). 1 Baby Monkey on May 6th at MKB Nagar,
2). 4 Monkeys on Aug 3rd at Marina,
3). 2 Monkeys on Aug 29th at Marina,
4). 2 Monkeys on Oct 2nd at Marina,
5). 2 Monkeys on Oct 15th at Marina,
6). 1 Monkey on Oct 23rd at Redhills,
7). 2 Monkeys on Feb 04th at Marina,
8). 1 Monkey on Feb 07th at Marina,
9). 2 Monkeys on March 21st at Marina,

10). 1 Monkey on April 11th at Tnagar,

11). 1 Monkey on May 29th at Marina &

12). 4 Monkeys on June 16th at Marina.
FB link to Monkeys rescued:

Regards & Thanks,

Arun Prasanna M.I.B, Founder & Secretary,

People For Cattle in India (PFCI), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.,

98840 71136

Website: http://www.peopleforcattleinindia.org/

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Foster parents needed urgently for a beautiful female Rottweiler

Rotty with PFCI team members. Please help find her a home?

Rotty with PFCI team members at the pet clinic. Please help find her a home?

Chennai: This is an urgent adoption appeal. Also, we request people to think thoroughly before adopting pets. If they are not capable of handling pets and they think that they won’t be able to take care of the pet any more, at least have the courtesy to contact animal welfare organisation such as People for Cattle in India or any other before abandoning pets. It’s a shameful act to abandon pets on the streets. This is what happened to Rotty.

Mrs. Jaya informed the PFCI team that someone came in a car, dumped this beautiful female rottweiler on the street and fled.  Our team rushed to the spot and rescued her. She, named as Rotty for now, has undergone a health check and is boarded . Rotty is approximately 8-10 months old, active and healthy. She appears to be human friendly and understands basic commands.

How about adopting this gorgeous little one and adding some sunshine to your lives?

Please contact below for further details.

Arun Prasanna M.I.B,

People For Cattle in India (PFCI),Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.,
98840 71136.

Website: http://www.peopleforcattleinindia.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Peopleforcattleinindia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PFCII

Instagram: https://instagram.com/people_for_cattle_in_india_/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/PeopleForCattleInIndiaPFCII

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Please sign this online petition to prevent animal cruelty

P7 3

Chennai, April 2015: In order to mark the significance of Animal cruelty month, PFCI, a registered NGO formed by Animal lovers to promote Animal welfare and prevent any form of Animal cruelty and abuse in India, launches an Online Petition in support of Animal welfare addressing the Indian Government Officials to do the needful in order to Prevent Animal Cruelty. The Officials include,

  • The President of India,
  • The Prime Minister of India,
  • Hon Chief Justice of India,
  • Union Law Minister,
  • Hon Chief Justice of Madras High Court &
  • Hon Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,

The online petition appeals to the Government to establish a special Department of officials dedicated to ensure the effective implementation of the laws drafted for the welfare of Animals in our country. The Animal Cops to be on duty should have a comprehensive knowledge of all the laws pertaining to protection of Animals and be well-equipped to investigate and promptly act upon any potential threat to Animals or their exploitation. These officers will work collaboratively with the Police Department or the Animal Control Office or also with chosen local humane societies and animal shelters.

The causation behind the initiative is ignorance of Government officials towards the requests of Animal welfare activist for the ban of Animal abuse, Cattle trafficking, illegal slaughter of Animals etc. This is due to various reasons such as the officials’ lack of clarity to the extensive laws enforced for Animal welfare or sometimes even the religious or social restrictions faced by them that represses from strict enforcement of laws to prevent animal abuse.

The online petition that articulates the issue of enforcement of Animal laws in India would be a revolutionary change not only to strengthen the Rights of Animals, but also to empower the Animal welfare activists to protect the Animals with legal support.The petition will be addressed to the relevant Government delegates.

PFCI invites all Animal zealots to showcase their support by signing the online petition and intends that this petition shall be signed by at least 25,000 people within the span of one month and is hopeful of creating a combined effort of society as well as Government to save innocent animals from injustice and exploitation.

You can sign the online petition here:

URGENT: Volunteers needed!

The slaughtered animals (above), two rescued cows (below)

The slaughtered animals (above), two rescued cows (below)

Rescued two cows from four unlicensed slaughter houses near Chennai after waiting for nearly 7 hours. Sadly, by the time PFCI volunteers reached, four cattle were already slaughtered. Both the rescued cattle are now on the way to PFA shelter. An FIR is now being registered.

Four members from PFCI usually go to the unlicensed slaughter houses. The butchers are growing in numbers. We need volunteers to accompany us in this cause for the regular police station visits.

Please call on following nos and ask for Arun Prasanna:
99400 66699 and 98840 71136

Sharing is caring. Please share this information and lend us your support in helping the animals who can’t fight for themselves.

P.S: Sorry for the gory pictures.

Pigs meant for slaughter rescued near Chrompet, Chennai

In spite of the protests over the barbaric way of slaughtering animals being escalated in the recent times, the suburban areas havens a safe slaughter, often done in illegal and unlicensed slaughter houses. In response to the various complaints received from the residents of MGR Cross Street, Hasthinapuram, People for Cattle in India (PFCI) rescued four pigs which were made ready for the slaughter.

In a rescue operation, conducted by PFCI with the cooperation of the police, it was found that the slaughter was going to take place on a barren land adjoining the residential area. A case has been registered at Chitlapakkam Police Station to arrest the convict. The perpetrator behind the savage act, Periyaayi, whose family still continues this heinous practice of slaughter since generations, is absconding.

Pigs are usually tied up and beaten to mellow down their aggression, which in itself is a gross violation of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act. These pigs are then slaughtered in the open lands without complying any of the slaughter house rules. The leftover and splashed over blood of the pigs’ post their slaughter is left unattended, that stinks all around the nearby locality, attracts stray animals. These pigs are often caught, brutally, from the nearby hills and slums. The pigs are chased towards a netted trap, and on their capture, sharp sledges are poked at them. Pigs, as they are known for making huge cry and bites, these people tie their mouth with a metal wire.

The slaughter of pigs by the accused happens early morning every Sunday. The act of slaughter, conducted in an open ground in the middle of colony, disturbs everyone as the pigs howl loudly. Especially kids in the area are relieved and happy to learn that the pigs were rescued and the barbaric act of killing pigs violating rules and laws has now come to an end.

The pigs were later sent to PFA at Red hills. PFA shelter is managed by Dr Shiranee and it is affiliated to Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister. Untying the pigs at the PFA shelter was a herculean task. The poor pigs had gone through immense stress and torture caused by the accused. The starving pigs were fed and given water as they were severely dehydrated. It was evident that from the time the pigs were caught by the accused, they were not given proper food or even water.

It’s going to be quaint Sundays for the residents from now on as they do not have to get irked with the shrill screams of the animals that used to get slaughtered near their area. “They were often butchered in a ghastly manner which frightened us to our wits. It also raises an unbearable stench while burning the animal’s skin,” said a resident who didn’t wish to be named.