#Adopt-a-pet: Lovely girl who needs care


This lovely little girl was rescued from the roads of Chennai by Mr Sanjeev of Delhi on 25th Feb.

She is malnourished and also has skin infection. She is now at our Vet Clinic for Treatment & Boarding.

We will not be able to afford boarding for her for more than a day or two. Please help us spread the word by getting her a foster parent or a caring home.

Please share.


Proper method for the burial of your deceased beloved companion


Here we explain how you can give your beloved pet, who has been your companion for the waking years of its life, a well deserved burial by doing the following:

1. Dig some space as per the size of the deceased animal in the burial ground.

2. Sprinkle the surface with bleaching powder and salt.

3. Place the deceased animal in the hole dug in the ground.

4. Sprinkle some more bleaching powder and salt on the animal

5. Cover the dug out space with sand and soil.

6. Place a stone on the corner where the head of the deceased animal is.

7. Place some flowers on top of the burial place.

8. Light a lamp and pray for the animal so that its soul rests in peace.

9. Visit the place regularly or whenever possible to pay respect like you would do to any of your family member.

To identify a burial ground in Chennai, please call: 98840 71136

Adopt-a-pet: One-year-old dog

"Will you take good care of me?"

“Will you take good care of me?”

This handsome one-year-old Rajapalayam boy is up for adoption.

He needs a special home as he is suffering from Diabetes.

He has medical requirements and timely daily injections are a must.

Medical supplies can be contributed.

All he needs is love, care and affection.

If there is someone special out there willing to adopt him and take good care of him, please contact: 98-41-022214