This is how horses we ride on for joy have to suffer

Chennai: On a scorching Saturday afternoon around 3 pm, PFCI team members witnessed a horse on the Besant Nagar beach being made to give joy rides to the visiting public on the seashore. The horse was beaten, pulled and kicked by the horse handlers. The horse was obviously dehydrated and tired because of exertion. The burning Sun only added to the poor horse’s agony. The horse looked weak, famished and dehydrated. The horses were handled by boys less than 18 years old and it was quite evident that the handlers were inexperienced.

Horse with infected hind legs

Horse with infected hind legs

The horse’s hind legs were swollen and needed immediate medical attention. PFCI members rushed to the police station and lodged a complaint against the horse owners and handlers. The complaint was based on various violations like,

1. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,
2. Performing Animals Acts, Rules and Registrations,
3. Indian Penal Code sections 428 and 429

The police registered the complaint and sent a squad to bring the horse that was abused to the police station. We organized an ambulance to send the horse to the Blue Cross of India shelter at Guindy.

The horse was in very bad health condition. It’s such a pity that the inexperienced horse owners and handlers abuse the horses. A single horse costs somewhere between Rs 50,000 and 70,000. The horses are to be fed quality food and feed per day per horse cost nothing less that Rs 100. Periodical medical help and monthly vaccination is a must which the horse owners seldom monitor.

The Horses on the beach are seldom taken good care. PFCI has rescued Horses from Cruel treatment in the past on 4 occasions,

1. 4th March, 2014 a Pony was rescued and case filed at Nungambakkam Police station
2. 28th November, 2014 a Horse was rescued and case filed at Bezant Nagar Police station
3. 11th December, 2014 a Horse was rescued and case filed at Egmore Police station.

4. 14th Feburary, 2014 2 Horses were rescued and case filed at Marina Police station.


Kodungaiyur to get 20 KLD of effluence from the slaughter house everyday

Screenshot of the NGT order

Screenshot of the NGT order

Chennai: Corporation of Chennai had earlier requested for concurrence of Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWS & SB) for the treatment of Trade Effluent released from Pulianthope Slaughter House at 110 MLD STP at Kodungaiyur and permission for transportation of 20 KLD per day trade Effluent generated from the Slaughter House through tanker lorries to the STP at Kodungaiyur for treatment and disposal.

The CMWS&SB has accepted the same and has given the concurrence therein on 4.5.2015 and from 5.5.2015 no Trade Effluent from Pulianthope Slaughter House would be discharged outside the premises and will be sent to the Kodungaiyur.

The Effluence from Slaughter House is marked as Red category (Highly Polluting) & Pulianthope Slaughter House has not been treating the Effluence until recently. The Effluence was being let into open connecting the Canals.

The above were submitted by The Counsel for Corporation of Chennai during the NGT hearing on Unlicensed Slaughter House case filed byPeople For Cattle in India, (PFCI)

To add to existing Polluting & Environmental vows, Kodungaiyur will be affected much more when such dangerous Effluence from Puliyanthope Slaughter House are be treated & disposed.

Can this be stopped?

For further details contact:

Arun Prasanna M.I.B,

Founder & Secretary,
People For Cattle in India (PFCI),

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.,
98840 71136

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Counter Affidavit Filed by the Deputy Commissioner Health, Chennai

Here is the outcome of our last hearing at the National Green Tribunal (NGT) against unregistered and unlicensed slaughterhouses and meat shops in Chennai that was carried in Tamil language paper of The Hindu.

NGT warned the Chennai Corporation and other respondents for being inefficient
in implementing its order to ban unlicensed meat shops and slaughterhouses. The tribunal may also slap a fine against the respondents in the next hearing if they fail to file replies.

The NGT had passed an order banning unlicensed slaughterhouses and meat shops in Chennai on 28th November 2013. It had directed the respondents to take punitive action against such unlicensed slaughterhouses and meat shops. So far in the last several hearings respondent no. 1 Chennai Corporation has been giving contradictory statistical
data on unlicensed meat shops.

PFCII has been fighting relentlessly to stop the illegal slaughtering of the cattle. You can follow our NGT case here:

Please sign this online petition to prevent animal cruelty

P7 3

Chennai, April 2015: In order to mark the significance of Animal cruelty month, PFCI, a registered NGO formed by Animal lovers to promote Animal welfare and prevent any form of Animal cruelty and abuse in India, launches an Online Petition in support of Animal welfare addressing the Indian Government Officials to do the needful in order to Prevent Animal Cruelty. The Officials include,

  • The President of India,
  • The Prime Minister of India,
  • Hon Chief Justice of India,
  • Union Law Minister,
  • Hon Chief Justice of Madras High Court &
  • Hon Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,

The online petition appeals to the Government to establish a special Department of officials dedicated to ensure the effective implementation of the laws drafted for the welfare of Animals in our country. The Animal Cops to be on duty should have a comprehensive knowledge of all the laws pertaining to protection of Animals and be well-equipped to investigate and promptly act upon any potential threat to Animals or their exploitation. These officers will work collaboratively with the Police Department or the Animal Control Office or also with chosen local humane societies and animal shelters.

The causation behind the initiative is ignorance of Government officials towards the requests of Animal welfare activist for the ban of Animal abuse, Cattle trafficking, illegal slaughter of Animals etc. This is due to various reasons such as the officials’ lack of clarity to the extensive laws enforced for Animal welfare or sometimes even the religious or social restrictions faced by them that represses from strict enforcement of laws to prevent animal abuse.

The online petition that articulates the issue of enforcement of Animal laws in India would be a revolutionary change not only to strengthen the Rights of Animals, but also to empower the Animal welfare activists to protect the Animals with legal support.The petition will be addressed to the relevant Government delegates.

PFCI invites all Animal zealots to showcase their support by signing the online petition and intends that this petition shall be signed by at least 25,000 people within the span of one month and is hopeful of creating a combined effort of society as well as Government to save innocent animals from injustice and exploitation.

You can sign the online petition here:

Meat lovers beware: Cat meat is being sold as mutton in roadside eateries


Manish Raj, TNN | Feb 23, 2015,

CHENNAI: Meat lovers beware – the succulent lamb chops or spicy roasted mutton pieces at a road side eatery might be prepared from cat meat.

“In the last few months, there has been a spurt in the demand of cat meat,” says G Arun Prasanna of People for Cattle in India (PFCI). Volunteers have rescued around 40 stolen cats—meant to be slaughtered for meat—from gypsy colonies at Pallavaram, Avadi, Ayanavaram, and Red hills in the last six months. The largest haul (20) was from Red Hills, followed by Pallavaram (14). Recently, a large number of carcasses and cat skins were recovered at Kotturpuram gypsy colony. “A total of seven police complaints have been registered so far,” said a police officer.

A large polythene bag of cat meat weighing anything between two to three kg costs around 100. It is supplied to small vendors and biriyani stalls across the city. They are then sold to unsuspecting customers as mutton preparations. Similar is the case with the vendors selling ‘side dishes’ near Tasmac outlets in Red Hills, Pallavaram, Avadi , according to Prasanna

“The mutton 65 prepared from cat meat was a hit among tipplers,” said Ramesh Kerketta (name changed) from Jharkhand, a former teenage help at a stall near a Tasmac outlet in Pallavaram.

Explaining the modus operandi, S Shanmugham, another volunteer said, the gypsies target cats near MRTS stations and bus depots it is easy to steal and escape. These cats are caught with nets, drugged and stuffed in gunny bags. There is another facet which fuels the demand of cat meat. Many people believe that cat-meat is an aphrodisiac and has several medicinal properties. Quacks prescribe cat meat for impotency, asthma and arthritis , said animal activist Suchitra Rao.

Also, cat meat is considered a delicacy among gypsies. A fortnight ago, PFCI volunteers raided a Narikurawa wedding. Around 20 cats had been slaughtered for cooking cat biriyani. A video clip (a copy of which is with TOI) shows people accepting that the dish was being cooked for guests.

Attempts to contact heads of gypsy community proved futile. Volunteers conducted asensitisation camp at Poonamallee gypsy colony in January. “We plan to conduct more camps as according to Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSA) cat meat is unfit for human consumption,” said Prasanna.

The article was published here.

URGENT: Volunteers needed!

The slaughtered animals (above), two rescued cows (below)

The slaughtered animals (above), two rescued cows (below)

Rescued two cows from four unlicensed slaughter houses near Chennai after waiting for nearly 7 hours. Sadly, by the time PFCI volunteers reached, four cattle were already slaughtered. Both the rescued cattle are now on the way to PFA shelter. An FIR is now being registered.

Four members from PFCI usually go to the unlicensed slaughter houses. The butchers are growing in numbers. We need volunteers to accompany us in this cause for the regular police station visits.

Please call on following nos and ask for Arun Prasanna:
99400 66699 and 98840 71136

Sharing is caring. Please share this information and lend us your support in helping the animals who can’t fight for themselves.

P.S: Sorry for the gory pictures.