55th rescue from Team PFCII since April 2015


On Friday night, Dinesh Baba of Team Pfci was awakened by the cry of this little one who was rescued a couple of days back from the road after her mother got killed in an accident.

Dinesh rushed to see the little one in foster care and was shocked to see a swelling below the right arm. Having no clue of what it is, Dinesh rushed to the Vet at Santhome from his residence in Vandalur.

By 3am, the little one, named Bear, has been admitted & is now under observation. Bear is our 55th rescue since April 2015.

Let’s hope & pray that Bear gets well soon !!
Contributions towards Bear & others are most welcome !
Contact: Arun Prasanna : 9884071136


Rescued & Admitted this little Madhav lying in a puddle


Madhu being treated

Our team saw Madhav lying in a puddle near the office. Dinesh and Karthi rushed her to our Vet & is now under observation. Keeping fingers crossed.

Madhav looks very dull and frail. Let’s pray she doesn’t have a dangerous disease.

Vet bills have hit the roof, contributions are most welcome. Contact: Arun Prasanna : 9884071136 or Aditi Madhu: 09677273780